Doodle Art Mask Making
Some people like to work alone, others enjoy working in a group.
The important thing is to take some time out to be creative and enjoy yourself.
What is Doodle Art all about?

Doodle art is about taking the art experience out into the community and making the benefits accessible to everyone.

Not only do we offer guidance, advice and support to help you achieve, we can also provide all the materials and tools you need to do your art. Our aim is to be client centered, to be flexible in our approach and in delivering a service which is ALL ABOUT YOU. We can work almost anywhere and at a time that suits you best.

Where are we?

We already work in different locations throughout Dorset, in Residential settings, local woodlands, we even have our own art workshop in Weymouth and we are working now to find more exciting venues to work in. So, if you like to be out and about or would rather work at home, indoors or a mixture of both we’ll be right there!
At Doodle Art we believe

• That everyone should have the opportunity to experience and participate in positive and creative art work

• That art can happen anywhere
• That art is about sharing
• Art is a social and a communal activity
• That Art in all its forms should be supported and encouraged

You can design and Make things like

• Models of almost anything
• Ornaments
• Furniture
• Picture frames
• Abstract Art
• Things for the garden
• Presents and cards for others
• Sculptures for either indoors or outdoors

Art is an exciting way of expressing yourself, of learning new skills or developing old ones. It is also a great reason for getting out and about and experiencing the beauty of your surroundings and of sharing those experiences with others through the things you make. At Doodle Art we like to use recycled materials as much as we can and are always looking for ways to use natural resources.
Painting Techniques
Model Train

Art & craft workshops for children, young people & adults with learning & physical disabilities across Dorset.